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15 Feb Prepare for Vaccination with Schuessler Tissue Salts
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Schüssler-Salts are a gentle and side-effect free, accompanying treatment in the distribution of a vaccine. “They support the body not only to form a necessary shield with the injected vaccine serums, but at the same time they also assist in preserving the function of the cells”.For general pre- and..
24 May Mineral Cream - Skincare Therapy for mask-wearing
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Mineral Cream - Skincare Therapy for mask-wearing As social distancing measures begin to relax, the streets of Hong Kong are back to the usual hustle and bustle. Hong Kong people have always been self-disciplined, but wearing masks under extreme heat and humidity makes skin irritation ..
21 May ADHD and Mineral Deficiencies
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What's considered "hyper" activity? What's considered attention "deficit"? How do you measure what the "norm" is? Are children expected to sit through quietly throughout a class to be considered "normal"? A parent once told me that her 7-year-old son's class teacher has referred half of the class to..
16 Mar Eczema? Or is it not?
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Eczema? Or is it not? One of the first reasons that got me into mineral therapy is my son's major dermatitis....aka the infamous "eczema". From Dr. Alex Sutton, I learnt that every symptom is a reflection of cellular imbalance. It's of utmost importance to find out what caused the imbalance and ..
05 Jan Warts that heal naturally
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Do you know that warts are also caused by mineral deficiency? Have you tried cryotherapy (the freezing nitrogen) only to find them coming back? Guess what? Combination of No. 4 (Potassium Chloride) tablets and cream will do the trick!This is based on authentic user's experience, but individual resul..
15 Oct Minerals for Flu Season
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Weather is getting cooler and everyone around you got sick!..
07 May Mineral Cream Magical Healing – when pictures are clearer than words
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Mineral Cream Magical Healing – when pictures are clearer than words When I woke up this morning, I was alarmed to see this redness on my son’s arm. I suspected it may be caused by bed bugs. Mother instinct says I should immediately clean and disinfect the bedroom, and to apply mineral cream No...
03 Apr Skin Care Trio
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Skin Care Trio Minerals are essential for skin care and anti-aging process and that's a fact that everyone knows. Schuessler Tissue Salt is all natural and simple to use. All you need is to just a little mineral boost to Love yourself more and embrace your natural beauty. Who needs botox? Her..
04 Mar Schuessler Express
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Schuessler Express Good news! For those who are serious about yours and your family's health, here is a great resource to learn more about essential minerals and tips for a healthier body and mind!! Schuessler Express are monthly newsletters that can now be accessed from http://www.biochemic-rem..
02 Dec Winter Care
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Winter Care The winter flu season if just around the corner. Before it gets worse, do yourself and family a favor by taking minerals throughout the winter season. It's safe and side-effect free. Just pop them in the mouth and they dissolve in seconds. The goodness of minerals will be absorb..
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