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JLM Wellness
At JLM Wellness,
our mission is to empower families with safe and
affordable choices to support their everyday health.

The "J" in JLM stands for Jason - our only child. As parents of a child with multiple disabilities, we are constantly searching for natural ways to upkeep our son's health without hurting his already fragile body.

We are so grateful to be introduced to Alex Sutton - Chairman of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) in Australia and have first-hand experience with Mineral Therapy (aka tissue salts/cell salts/biochemic remedies) since 2008.


When our family returned to Hong Kong in 2011, we searched all over the city online and offline for some safe and natural home remedies but to no avail. What’s more disheartening is that we noticed a tendency of over-prescription of antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs which have no obvious benefit but nasty side effects. Therefore, we decided to introduce Mineral Therapy to the families of Hong Kong.

Since 2012, we have organized numerous clinics and seminars on the topic of Mineral Therapy in collarboration with Alex Sutton. In September 2017, our online platform is officially launched to make Schuessler Tissue Salts more easily available for the growing number of families in Hong Kong who have heard about the goodness of mineral therapy.

We welcome any comments to help us do better.

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2011年我們一家回流香港,在線上線下四處搜尋自然,非藥物的家庭療法,但徒勞無功。更令人沮喪的是,我們注意到香港過量使用抗生素和藥物的傾向,不但有副作用,而且沒有顯著效力。因此,我們決定將 “礦物鹽療法”引進香港。

自2012年以來,我們與生化醫學研究所(亞太區)合作舉辦了許多與礦物療法相關的講座。 2017年9月,我們的在線平台正式啟動,除了讓已經認識 “礦物鹽療法” 的家庭更容易購買,亦希望能讓更多家庭了解的益處。